India, Thailand sign extradition treaty

India and Thailand have signed an Extradition Treaty, concluded a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to exchange intelligence related to money laundering and terrorism financing and ratified the Treaty on Transfer of Sentenced Persons. The agreements were inked in the presence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Thai counterpart Yingluck Shinawatra.
The extradition treaty provides the legal framework for seeking extradition of fugitive offenders, including those involved in terrorism, transnational crimes and economic offences among others.
What does the treaty provide for?
The treaty provides for the extradition of any person who is wanted for trial or for the imposition or enforcement of a sentence by one ‘Contracting State’ and is found in the territory of the other ‘Contracting State’. The agreement will help both the nations in speeding up extradition of fugitives. It would further fortify the ties b/w two law enforcement agencies by providing a firm legal basis for their bilateral cooperation. Thailand has long been a refuge for underworld dons and illegitimate groups.



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