India overtakes Japan to become world’s 3rd largest Internet user

As per a report by global digital measurement and analytics firm comScore, India has left Japan behind to become the world’s third largest Internet user after China and the United States. The report says that India now has nearly 74 million Internet users which marks a 31% increase over March 2012. With 3/4th of India’s online population under 35, the report shows, it is significantly younger than those of other emerging economies.

Some facts:

  • As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) India has 164.81 million Internet subscribers as of March 31, 2013, with seven out of eight accessing the Internet from their mobile phones.
  • As per comScore mobile and tabled-based Internet traffic is at just 14% of the total.
  • Men under 35 and women between 35 and 44 are heavier users.
  • Women account for less than 40% of all Indian users, a much lower sex ratio than that of other nations.
  • Users spend one-fourth of time spent online on social media and another 23% on email.
  • While Google sites have the most unique visitors, internet users spend the most time on Facebook, which is at second place when it comes to unique visitors.
  • Indian railways website most popular in the category of online travel websites.
  • Asia provides 41% of all Internet users; the United States accounts for just 13%.
  • China is the largest user of Internet even as it outnumbers Indians by a ratio of 5: 1.



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