France to impose green tax on plane tickets from 2020

The French government is set to impose tax of up to €18 on plane tickets for all flights from airports in France. It is aimed to fund less-polluting transportation projects.

Key Highlights

This move by French government to impose green tax on plane tickets will take effect from 2020 which means all tickets for outbound flights from French airports will include a green tax from 2020.

It will only be applied on outgoing flights and not those flying into country.

It will see a tax of €1.5 imposed on economy-class tickets on internal flights and those within Europe. The highest tariff of €18 per ticket will be applied to business-class travellers flying outside bloc.

This new measure by France is expected to bring in about €182 million per year to its economy which will be invested in greener transport infrastructures, mainly rail.

In April 2018, a similar tax was introduced in Sweden, which imposed an added charge of up to €40 on every ticket. This was in a bid to lessen impact of air travel on climate.



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