Delhi Investment Summit on Afghanistan in New Delhi

  • imageDelhi Investment Summit on Afghanistan in New Delhi – This was the first ever investment summit in India for another country.

External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna while addressing the Delhi Investment Summit on Afghanistan in New Delhi assured that India will continue to follow its vision of stabilizing Afghanistan through trade, investment and regional cooperation. S M Krishna encouraged international investors and regional countries to pursue this vision for Afghanistan individually or in partnership with others. 

Objective: To attract, foreign investment into Afghanistan in the light of new opportunities opening up in areas like mining, hydrocarbons and infrastructure, and badly needed investments in traditional sectors like agriculture, industry, capacity-building, health and services, after three decades of conflict.



The summit witnessed overwhelming response of the Indian business community.
India has loosened up customs duties for Afghanistan’s exports as part of an enterprise for Least Developed Countries in the SAARC

India considers Afghanistan’s mineral resources, agricultural products and human resources as potential drivers of growth and regional economic development. This vision needs international support in the form of institutional finance and foreign investment.

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