Corona Virus: National Emergency in the USA

The President of United States of America Donald Trump has declared national emergency over the spread of corona virus. Also, the government has allocated 50 billion USD to fight against the disease.


This kind of emergency in the country is rare. Earlier, the same kind of emergency was declared by President Bill Clinton over widespread of West Nile Virus.

National Emergencies Act

The Emergencies in the US are declared under National Emergencies Act. So far, 61 national emergencies have been declared in the country. There are 136 statutory situations under which emergencies shall be declared in the US sub-continent.

Emergency in India

In India Emergency shall be proclaimed under Article 352. Also, it shall be proclaimed only when the president is satisfied. The article allows emergency only when there is security threat to the country or to a region.

The President shall proclaim emergency only when the union cabinet under the Prime Minister advises him to do so.




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