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25th Amendment of US Constitution

The US President Donald Trump and the first lady have tested positive to COVID-19. He is currently treated at the Walter Reed Medical Centre. Highlights The 74-year-old President is working from the centre. If his health deteriorates, the vice president will take over his role. The provisions to the scenario was provided by the 25th ..

US FDA authorizes to use blood plasma for Covid-19 treatment

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America has authorized the use of blood plasma from the COVID-19 survivors. It will be used to treat the disease. As stated by the FDA, it can decrease the mortality of the patients as well as improve the health condition if it is used within the first three ..

Trump signs order to restrict use of H1B visa

The US President, Donald Trump, has signed an executive order in order to restrict federal agencies from contracting and sub-contracting foreign workers, hurting the cause of Indian IT Professionals, who mainly go to the US on the H-1B Visa. Background The move comes on the backdrop of the order of the government to suspend the ..

Iran requests INTERPOL to issue “Red Notice” to President Trump

Iran had recently issued an arrest warrant for US President Donald Trump. Also, Iran has requested INTERPOL to issue a “Red Notice” and detain him from power. Iran believes that the drone strike that killed Irani General Qassem Soleimani was carried out under President Trump. INTERPOL INTERPOL is International Police Organization. It is not a ..

US Supreme Court rules against Trump’s bid to end DACA

In a major setback for the Trump Administration, the United States Supreme Court has ruled against the President’s bid to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA protects from deportation 650,000 migrants called “Dreamers”, who entered the US as children without documentation. The programme was created in 2012 by the former President Barak Obama. ..