Kazakhstan Protests and Emergency

The citizens of Kazakhstan are protesting against the sudden fuel price hike. The ruling government resigned due to the rising tensions. Emergency has been declared in the Central Asian country Why protests in Kazakhstan? The protests began when the ruling ..



Oil Spill in the Arctic region of Russia

Russia declared state of emergency after oil spilled into Ambarnaya river. The surface of the river turned crimson red. Highlights The Ambarnaya river slows into environmentally sensitive Arctic Ocean. The Thermoelectric power plant located at Norilsk has been built on ..


Project Monitoring Unit launched by Ministry of Coal

The Ministry of Coal recently launched a project monitoring unit to facilitate early operationalization of coal mines that were allocated by the central government. The aim of launching the unit is to bring in more bidders. Highlights The Project Monitoring ..


Japan declares Emergency

On April 7, 2020, the world’s third largest economy, Japan declared emergency to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. The State of Emergency is to last till May 6, 2020. Highlights Iniatially, the emergency is to be applied in six prefectures namely ..


Ordnance Factory Board to introduce “modified tents” to set up isolation units

The Ordnance Factory Board that governs the defence manufacturing unit spread across India is to introduce “modified tents” to set up isolation units. Highlights The idea of modified tents was brought by the Ordnance Equipment Factory, Kanpur. It aims to ..


COVID-19: World Bank offers 1 billion USD for India’ Emergency Response Project

On April 1, 2020, the World Bank announced that it is to offer 1 billion USD to Government of India to implement Covid-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems preparedness project. About the Project The project is being launched by India ..