Corona Virus: India bans entry of people from UK, EU; WHO’s Blanket Ban comment on India

On March 16, 2020, India has announced that it is to stop entry of people from European Union and United Kingdom till the end of March 2020. This is being done with the increasing threats of Corona Virus.


The entry ban includes all the 27 members of European Union and also the members of European Free Trade Association. India will also ban passengers from Oman, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. Because of travel ban, the tourism industries in the country is greatly affected.

World Health Organization

The WHO has criticized India that the country is implementing a “blanket ban”. By the term, the organization means that India is restricting foreign nationals and also has suspended visas of foreign nationals.


In the last 2 weeks more than 200,000 international and domestic and international tourists cancelled their trips to Taj Mahal. The holiday seasons in the country is between April and July during which Indians travel inside and outside the country a lot. It is expected that this holiday season is to take a hit by more than 80% according to Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). This will be the biggest hit in the history of tourism industry.




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