Community Spread of COVID 19 might be a Reality in India: IMA

According to the Indian Medical Association, the scenario in India with respect to the spread of COVID 19 is indicating that community spread of the disease might be for real in the country. The Chairman of the IMA Hospital Board stated that the exponential growth observed in India is a bad situation for the country and the fact that the rural areas are getting affected implies that community spread might have started in India.

In this regard, as per the data released by the Health Ministry, the total number of COVID 19 cases reached 1038716 in the country out of which around 3.58 lakhs are active cases and 6.53 lakhs patients have been cured or discharged from the hospitals whereas 26273 persons have succumbed to it till date.

The IMA has expressed concern due to the fact that the cases are now spreading indiscriminately in the towns and rural areas also apart from the urban areas and metro cities. This will make it very difficult in India to control the spread of the virus.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has started ramping up the testing facilities in the country so that more people can be tested and the cases can be detected soon. On July 17, around 3.60 lakhs tests have been conducted whereas the total number of tests has been 13433742. ICMR has arranged for testing facilities in 885 government laboratories and 368 private laboratory chains for COVID 19.

Indian Medical Association                                                                                                

It is a national voluntary organization of doctors of the modern scientific medical system. Established in 1928, it takes care of the interest of the doctors in the country. This is a society registered under the Societies Act 1860. IMA has more than 3 lakhs members and it has around 1700 active local branches in 29 states and UTs. The headquarter of the organization is in New Delhi.

Community Spread

It is normally known as the penultimate stage of spread of a pandemic. In this case, the source of the infection will not be found by the medical authorities. In fact, the disease will be spread in all the community and will be impossible to cure and treat.




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