Delhi: LG over rules CM’s order

On June 8, 2020, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Anil Bajlal has over ruled the Delhi Government order of reserving government and private hospitals in the Nation Capital only for Delhiites and allow COVID-19 test only for symptomatic patients.

What is the issue?

The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced that the hospitals in the national capital will treat only patients residing in Delhi (Delhiites). Also, these hospitals will test symptomatic patients.

To this, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi issued an over rule stating Delhi should extend medical facilities to all patients coming from different parts of the country without discriminating him being resident or non-resident of Delhi.

The Governor also says that all the nine categories people including asymptomatic patients of COVID-19 as mentioned by ICMR should be examined at the National Capital.

What are the nine categories?

The ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has included the following nine categories

  • The Migrants with Influenza like symptoms
  • Other returnees (from other countries) with Influenza like symptoms
  • All hospitalized patients with Influenza like symptoms
  • Symptomatic individuals that undertook international travel
  • Patients with acute respiratory illness
  • Asymptomatic and direct high-risk persons that are in contact with confirmed cases
  • Symptomatic patients in hotspots
  • Symptomatic Individuals of laboratory confirmed cases
  • Symptomatic Health care workers


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