June 24: Passport Seva Divas

Every year, Passport Seva Divas is celebrated on June 24. The day is celebrated to commemorate the enactment of Passports Act on 24 June, 1967


On the Passport Seva Divas, the Government of India announced that the process of production of chip enabled e-passports are under way. This will help strengthen security of Indian travel greatly.

The chips are to hold personal particulars of the applicants. They will be digitally signed. They are to hold memory space of 64 KBs. Around 30 international visits shall be stored in the chip.

Passport Act

The Passport Act describes the procedures of getting Indian passport. The act replaced British Indian Passport and the Passport Act, 1920.

By Article 9 of the Indian Constitution, the act does not allow dual citizenship. According to the act, if a person acquired foreign citizenship, he has to surrender his passport.


The passports issued under the Passport Act are as follows

  • Official Passport
  • Ordinary Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport

Under the act, travel documents are also provided. They are

  • Certificate of Identity
  • Emergency Certificate to authorize a person to enter India


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