Supreme Court Strength rises to 32

The Constitution of India says Supreme Court shall have a maximum of 34 judges including the Chief Justice. Recently, five new judges were appointed by the President of India. With this, the strength of judges in the apex court increased to 32. The newly appointed judges were Panjaj Mithal (Chief Justice of Rajasthan HC), Manoj Misra (Judge of Allahabad HC), Ahasanudin Amanullah (Judge of Bihar HC), PV Sanjay Kumar (Chief Justice of Manipur HC) and Sanjay Karol (Chief Justice of Bihar HC). All the newly appointed judges were serving as the High Court judges.

Appointment of SC Judges

  • Article 124: Judges of SC are appointed by the President of India
  • Article 125: Salaries of Judges
  • Article 126: Chief Justice of SC appointment
  • Article 127: speaks about the appointment of Ad Hoc judges
  • Article 128: Speaks about the attendance of retired judges. The Chief Justice of India shall appoint any retired Supreme Court judge to act as a judge of the SC.
  • Article 129: SC shall punish for contempt of itself
  • Article 130: SC shall sit in the place as approved by CJI
  • Article 131: Jurisdiction of SC
  • Article 132: Appellate Jurisdiction of SC



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