China's first lunar rover Yutu sets record for longest stay on Moon

China’s first lunar rover, Yutu, has set the new record for the longest stay by a rover on the lunar surface.
With working on the Moon for almost two years it has surpassed previous record of Soviet Union’s (USSR’s) 1970 launched rover Lunokhod 1, which had spent 11 months on the Moon.
The lunar rover Yutu was deployed and landed on the moon in 2013 via China’s Chang’e-3 lunar probe. In 2014, it had experienced a mechanical control abnormality but was revived.
Presently it is capable to collect data, send and receive signals and record images and video but unable to move due to mechanical abnormality.
Other achievements of China

  • In 1970, China by successfully launching its first satellite Dongfanghong-1 became the 5th country after USSR, US, France and Japan to launch a domestic satellite using a domestic rocket.
  • In the 1990s, China launched its manned space programme and in 2003 successfully sent country’s first astronaut Yang Liwei into orbit on the Shenzhou-5 spacecraft.
  • Presently, China is also planning to land a lunar probe on the dark side of the moon which is never visible to Earth to become the first country. The mission will be carried out by Chang’e-4 lunar probe, a backup probe for Chang’e-3.



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