China: Trade talk with US improving

China and US have been on trade are for the last one year. This affected many countries globally especially in Asia. The conditions are now improving. The Chinese Government recently said that the talks with the US are improving after 9 rounds of consultations. The two sides of the Foreign ministry are now working together on different issues like technology transfer, non ”tariff measures, agriculture, intellectual property rights, agriculture, etc.

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund and many other global institutes ahve been constantly complaining on how the US ”China rift is affecting globally.

After the Buenos Aires meet at the end of 2018 where Mr Trump and Mr Xi agreed on various terms to work together, things have started to ease down.

The issue mainly targeted on the President Trump’s allegation of China forcing the US companies to hand over the trade secrets of to overtake US’s trade and technical dominance. After which the countries started imposing duties on each other.


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