India not eligible for US’ GSP benefits

The United States Trade Representative’s (USTR’s) office has recently classified India as a developed economy and it is ineligible for GSP benefits from the US. The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) scheme offers a lower tariff to the exporters of a select ..

USA- France trade dispute

The tariff dispute between USA and France has started affecting bilateral trade. Recently, USA threatened to impose a 100% tariff on French imports such as wine, cheese and handbags. The threat comes in light of the recently announced French digital ..

Developing Country Status in WTO

US President Trump has made a sharp criticism against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for allowing countries such as India and China to engage in unfair trade practices that affect American economic interests. President Trump questioned the “developing country” status ..

US Tariff Wars

While the United States and China are already engaged in a massive trade war which is also impacting other countries, President Trump has attacked the World Trade Organization for refusing to recognize the fact that the nations of India and ..

Updates on ongoing US-China Trade Wars

As a fallout of the ongoing US-China trade wars, the data released by the Wall Street Journal has shown that China is no longer the top trading partner of the United States. While China is the world’s foremost manufacturing powerhouse ..

China: Trade talk with US improving

China and US have been on trade are for the last one year. This affected many countries globally especially in Asia. The conditions are now improving. The Chinese Government recently said that the talks with the US are improving after ..