China successfully launches remote sensing satellites of Yaogan-30 project

China has successfully launched remote sensing satellites to conduct electromagnetic environmental probes. They are part of third batch of the Yaogan-30 project. The number of launched satellites was not disclosed.
They launched on board of Long March-2C carrier rocket from Xichang Satellite launch centre in the southwest Sichuan province. It was the 260th mission of the Long March rocket family.

Yaogan-30 project

Yaogan-30 is Remote Sensing Satellite programme of China. The electro-optical digital imaging satellites  developed under it by China Academy of Space Technology (CAST). China claims that these satellites as intended for “scientific experiments, land survey, crop yield assessment, and disaster monitoring. Western security experts suspect that they are also used for military purposes.
Remote sensing: It generally refers to use of sensor technologies to detect objects. The remote sensing satellites collect data by detecting energy reflected from Earth.