BRICS countries adopt Udaipur Declaration on disaster

The two-day meeting of Ministers of Disaster Management (MDM) of BRICS countries concluded in Udaipur, Rajasthan with the adoption of the Udaipur Declaration.
This was the second meeting and in the follow up of the first meeting of the BRICS MDM convened by the Russia in St. Petersburg in April, 2016.
Udaipur Declaration

  • BRICS nations to set up a dedicated Joint Task Force for Disaster Risk Management for regular dialogue, exchange, mutual support and collaboration among them.
  • The meeting was a new milestone in collaboration and cooperation among BRICS countries in the field of disaster management.
  • The roadmap for implementation of the three-year Joint Action Plan for BRICS emergency services (2016-18) was also finalised.

Key Highlights of 2nd BRICS MDM meeting

  • Objective: (i) Share experiences on flood-risk management, current systems in each country for forecasting extreme weather events. (ii) Identify opportunities for collaboration between institutions of respective BRICS countries in the area of flood risk management and extreme weather-related events.
  • It focused on two themes: (i) ‘Flood Risk Managementand (ii) Forecasting of Extreme Weather Events in the context of Changing Climate‘.
  • Three technical sessions were held on areas of disaster risk management challenges, forecasting and early warning on flood and disaster risk in a changing climate.



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