1 in 6 species can face extinction by end of century due to global warming: Study

Recently published study in journal Science has found out that 1 out of 6 species on Earth could possibly extinct by the end of the century as a result of increasing global warming if the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) stays the same.
The study published was titled Accelerating extinction risk from climate change and is authored by Mark C. Urban. The study highlighted the urgency to take strong action in order to address climate change.
Key facts from the report

  • 16 percent of species in the world would face the risk of extinction because of climatic factors.
  • The endemic plants and animals of Australia, South America and New Zealand are at risk as for they would not be able to go to other place when their only homeland becomes uninhabitable.
  • While, the species in North American and European regions have the lowest extinction risk due to climate change.
  • The extinction risks from climate change will also accelerate for every degree rise in global temperature if everyone didn’t act now to limit future climate change.
  • Climate change will affect wildlife directly and indirectly as it may lead to change in weather patterns that may affect the food they rely on or the habitat they live in.



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