COVID-19 Vaccine: India launches “Strengthening Clinical Trial Research Capacities in Neighbouring Countries” programme

On September 23, the Department of Biotechnology launched “Strengthening Clinical Trials Research Capacities in Neighbouring Countries” programme under the Ind-CEPI Mission.


The programme has been launched in partnership with Ministry of External Affairs. It is a training programme that will strengthen clinical trial research capacity of neighbourhood. In the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic where vaccines are entering human trials, it is important to build capacities for clinical trials of vaccines. This training programme will support investigator teams and researchers. It will also enhance capabilities of the countries to conduct clinical trials that are in compliance with the International Conference on Harmonisation-good Clinical Practice.


Ind-CEPI is India Centric Epidemic Preparedness. It is aligned with the Global Initiative of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. It aims to strengthen development of vaccines for diseases with epidemic potential in India. The key focus on the mission is to support regional networking and capacity building with Low-and-Middle Income-Countries.

The efforts will be taken to network with ASEAN, South Asia and African regions as well

Good Clinical Standard

It is an international quality for clinical trials. It provides guidelines for investigator, trial sponsors, institutional review boards, investigator brochure, etc. It is backed by European Union and the United States.


CEPI is Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. It is an international non-governmental organization that was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, Welcome Trust, European Commission and eight other countries such as Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Ethiopia, Japan, Norway and UK. It was launched in 2017 to accelerate development of vaccines against emerging deadly diseases and also to provide equitable access of vaccine to people all over the world during outbreaks.

India joined CEPI in 2017. Initially CEPI focused on six viruses such as Lassa fever, MERS, Nipah virus, Marburg fever, Ebola and Zika.


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