China Security Deal with Solomon Islands

Leaked papers have revealed the drafting of a security deal of China with the Solomon Islands. This move has triggered an alarm in the neighbouring country of Australia along with its other Western allies.


  • The leaked papers regarding this deal have highlighted that a military base could be set up by China on the island which is located to the north of Australia.
  • Australia is the biggest aid donor and chief defence partner to this tiny island and has raised concerns regarding this.
  • New Zealand has also raised concerns.
  • The Solomon Islands have not yet confirmed the details that were highlighted in the leaked draft agreement or if the draft has been finalised.
  • The Solomon Islands however have come out with a statement saying that it is expanding and diversifying security arrangements with other countries including China.

Deployment of Chinese forces

The leaked papers have revealed a framework that could allow China to deploy forces on the island to protect the Chinese personnel as well as the projects which will be developed by China on the Solomon Islands. The nation could also request China for armed police, police, military personnel, armed force, and other law enforcement forces. There is also a provision for Chinese ships to have a stopover and conduct logistical replenishment.

About the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is a country in the Oceania region and consists of six small islands. Honiara is the capital of this country and is located on the largest island named Guadalcanal. Manasseh Sogavare is the Prime Minister of this nation, and Sir David Vunagi is the Governor-general.



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