Banking, Finance & Economy Current Affairs Quiz -March 11 ,2023

1. Which Small Finance Bank has collaborated with Max Life Insurance to provide consumers with life insurance programs?

[A] Equitas Small Finance Bank Limited
[B] Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited
[C] Fincare Small Finance Bank Limited
[D] Capital Small Finance Bank Limited

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2. Recently, the government indicated that it will include cryptocurrency trading under which of the following Acts?

[A] Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002
[B] Banking Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2020
[C] Payment and Settlement System Act, 2007
[D] Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999

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3. Who are Aadhar Home Finance’s co-lending partners?

[A] Yes Bank
[B] ICICI Bank
[C] Axis Bank
[D] HDFC Bank

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4. Which country has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with India on semiconductors?

[A] Germany
[B] United Kingdom
[C] China
[D] United States

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5. Who has been named the world’s first ‘Hand Ambassador’ for Savlon India?

[A] Virat Kohli
[B] Rohit Sharma
[C] KL Rahul
[D] Sachin Tendulkar

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