Atal Innovation Mission Partners with Freshworks to empower AIM Startup Innovators

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) has partnered with Freshworks Inc. which is a customer-engagement software company to provide robust support to innovators and entrepreneurs in India.

Key facts

  • It aims to increase the efficacy of the institutions and startups under the AIM portfolio.
  • It further targets to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among startup innovators.
  • Freshworks Inc. will provide credits for its products to AIM and its beneficiaries. This step will empower startups to function efficiently.

About Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)

  • It is a flagship initiative started by NITI Aayog.
  • It promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.
  • It is based on a detailed study on the innovation and entrepreneurial needs of India.
  • AIM is an umbrella innovation organization that would
    1. play a key role in aligning innovation policies between central, state and sectoral innovation schemes.
    2. Incentivizing the establishment and promotion of an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship at higher secondary schools and academic institutions, MSME industry, corporate and NGO levels.
  • It plans to establish and promote Small Business Innovation Research and Development at a national scale for the startups.
  • AIM works under following framework:
    1. Atal Tinkering Labs, which promote creative, innovative mind set in schools.
    2. Atal Incubators, that promote entrepreneurship in universities and industries.
    3. Atal New India and  Atal Grand Challenges, which promote product innovations with social and economic impact.
    4. Mentors of Change, who mentor students at Startups.


The NITI Aayog was establised on january 1, 2015 by abolishing the Planning Commision. It is a policy think tank of the Government of India and it aims to achieve sustainable development goals with cooperative federalism. Prime Minister of India is the chairperson of the think tank.


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