COVID Action Collab: Platform to test COVID-19 in Sewage

The COVID Action Collab is an initiative by group of experts. The main aim of the initiative is to address issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic. It especially focuses on the poor and the vulnerable. The organization is now to test sewage for the presence of COVId-19 virus. Over 150 organizations have come together to make the initiative a success.

The initiative was ideated by the Catalyst Group.


The COVID-19 patients shed the virus through stools and urine. Currently there are no significant steps taken to detect the virus in sewage. Also, there are no significant measures to segregate the wastes of COVID-19 infected persons. Even, in certain cities, persons that are home quarantined and infected with COVID-19 do not have separate waste collection system.


The system being developed to detect COVID-19 in the sewage waste will also help to identify COVID-19 patients that have not disclosed to the government. This is to be done by mapping waste collection areas, narrowing down people infected with virus.

About COVID Action Collab

The main objective of the initiative COVID Action Collab is to diagnose COVID-19 early, to prevent new infections and to treat the disease with care. The three main strategies of the collaboration is as follows

  • To deliver services to over 12.5 million members complementing the governments
  • To set up information exchange platform
  • To solve challenges that has high impact in infrastructure and community surveillance.


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