ARPIT: Airborne Rescue Pod for Isolated Transportation by Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force recently developed Airborne Rescue Pod for Isolated Transportation (ARPIT). The pod is to be used to evacuate critical patients that are suffering from COVID-19.


The Indian Air Force identified the need for an air evacuation system that will prevent the spread of infectious aerosols from the COVID-19 patients during air travel. This has now been fulfilled by ARPIT.

The Indian Air Force has used indigenous materials to develop ARPIT. This has been done in the intention of boosting Make in India initiative. The IAF has spent Rs 60,000 to develop the system. The system is also light weight as it was made from aviation certified material.


The ARPIT uses HEPA, High frequency Particulate Air H 13 filters to support invasive ventilation. The machine also holds monitoring instruments such as pulse oximeter, defibrillator and infusion pumps. It also has space for long arm gloves and power packs.

The Indian Air Force is inducting 7 ARPITs as of now.


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