Arogya Setu: Mulit-Lingual Mobile Application launched by GoI to track COVID-19

On April 2, 2020, National Informatics Center operating under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has developed an application “Arogya Sethu”. The app alerts the person whenever he comes in contact within six feet of COVID-19 infected person.

Key Features of the App

The application uses Bluetooth and GPS of a smart phone to inform the user if he is in a radius of 6 feet from a COVID-19 infected person. The application also provides information about the best practices and advisories regarding containment of the virus.

The application is available in 11 languages. In order to keep the application running, one has to keep their GPS and Bluetooth ON always. The application asks for name, gender, profession, travel history and profession. The data extracted are to be shared only to Government of India according to the terms and conditions of the application.

Privacy component of the Application

While the app searches for information about COVID-19 patient, it does not disturb the privacy of the patient. The privacy policy of the application clearly states that the user data extracted will not be shared with third party.


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