UN appoints Mary Robinson, Macharia Kamau as special envoys for El Nino, Climate

United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Mary Robinson and Macharia Kamau as UN’s Special Envoys for El Nino and Climate.
These appointments come at a time of great urgency as the drought and flooding associated with El Niño have created massive needs across the world.
The El Niño has worst affected four regions of East Africa, Southern Africa, Central America and the Pacific.
Key facts

  • These UN Special Envoys will provide the leadership required to tackle challenges and responses to climate change and El Niño in order to scale up our humanitarian response.
  • Mary Robinson: She is former President of Ireland. Previously she had worked as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and as UN special envoy for climate change.
  • Macharia Kamau: He is Kenyan diplomat. Presently, he is working as ambassador to the United Nations. He is also former president of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Board.
  • He also had served as co-chair of the UN General Assembly working group on sustainable development goals.

El Niño: It is a weather phenomenon, which occurs every two to seven years. It affects rainfall patterns and causes both drought and flooding.


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