AIRS Fellowship Program

The AIRS Fellowship Program is a bilateral program between India and Australia. It is led by Australia India Institute. The funding for this program is provided by the Australian Government Department of Education. It promotes research collaborations and student mobility between India and Australia. It is part of the Update to the India Economic Strategy to 2035 action plan that seeks to strengthen academic relations. It is to see collaboration among 22 Australian universities and 37 Indian higher education institutes.

Why is AIRS Fellowship Program in News?

For the year 2023, more than 60 Australian and Indian emerging researchers have been awarded the prestigious fellowship. Around 59 per cent of these researchers are women. They were chosen via the Australian Researcher Cooperation Hub-India.

Where is Australia India Institute?

It operates under the University of Melbourne. The institute was established to improve relations between the countries. It was formed in 2008. It aims to understand contemporary India living in Australia. The institute mainly focuses on studies related to bilateral economy, security and geopolitics, cultural diplomacy, and education.

What is India Economic Strategy for 2035?

The plan was framed by the Australian Government. It mainly focuses on injecting Australian businesses into India’s growth. The main objective of this economic strategy is to make India one of the top three export markets of Australia.

Is this good for India?

Yes and NO. If India can get cheap raw materials through this strategy, then India will be benefitted. Take the case of the English East India Company for instance. The company made India a source of raw materials. Another example is the Chinese. China has been dumping its cheap and low-quality goods into the Indian market. The toy sector was the most vulnerable to China’s economic strategy. With similar lessons, India should plan its diplomatic ties with Australians very carefully.



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