Airports Authority of India Enhances Flight Calibration Fleet with B-360 Aircraft

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has expanded its Flight Inspection Fleet with the addition of two advanced B-360 aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art Flight Inspection systems. This enhancement will enable AAI to conduct timely flight calibration for Ground Radio Navigational and visual aids at airports across India and provide support for flight calibrations in neighboring countries, generating additional revenue. These aircraft will play a critical role in calibrating various navigational systems and procedures, ensuring safe and efficient air navigation services in India.

What is the primary purpose of the two new B-360 aircraft added to the Airports Authority of India’s fleet?

The two new B-360 aircraft have been added to meet the flight calibration requirements for Ground Navigational and Landing Aids at Indian airports and validate Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Procedures.

What is the significance of flight calibration in the aviation industry?

Flight calibration is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of air navigation services. It involves validating various Air Navigation Services Procedures to meet international standards, as set by organizations like the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

What types of systems and procedures will these aircraft calibrate?

The aircraft will calibrate systems such as Category I, II, and III Instrument Landing Systems, DVORs, DME, NDB, Radar, GBAS, PAPI, TACAN, and will also validate procedures like RNP, LPV, and Instrument Approach Letdown procedures.

What is the current composition of the AAI Flight Inspection Fleet, and what aircraft are being added to it?

The AAI Flight Inspection Fleet presently includes One Dornier-228 and One B-350 aircraft. The two new additions are B-360 aircraft equipped with advanced technology for flight calibration.

What is the history and significance of the Flight Inspection Unit (FIU) of AAI?

Established in 1959 in Bamrauli (now Prayagraj), FIU shifted to Safdarjung Airport in 1986. It has evolved from operating Dakota aircraft to the present fleet, contributing significantly to ensuring air navigation safety and compliance with international standards.



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