Odisha Gunvatta Sankalp

The Odisha Gunvatta Sankalp (Odisha Quality Mission) is a collaborative initiative launched by the Government of Odisha, Quality Council of India (QCI), and various industry associations. This mission aims to prioritize and promote quality in different sectors within the state of Odisha.  

Partnership for Quality Enhancement 

The collaboration between the Government of Odisha, QCI, and industry associations has paved the way for the Odisha Gunvatta Sankalp. The involvement of prominent organizations like ASSOCHAM, FICCI, EEPC, OASME, PHDCCI, CIPET, and FHRAI signifies a concerted effort to uplift the quality standards across diverse sectors in the state. 

Objectives of the Initiative 

The primary objective of the Odisha Gunvatta Sankalp is to promote and prioritize quality in various sectors. This includes areas such as public service delivery, heritage tourism, healthcare, education, skilling, and infrastructure development. By emphasizing quality, Odisha aims to position itself as a leading state in India’s growth story. 

National Board for Quality Promotion 

The National Board for Quality Promotion, operated by QCI, plays a vital role in running the national quality campaign. This board focuses on creating awareness, driving innovation, and establishing benchmarks for quality across different domains. 

Third-Party Accreditation System 

QCI operates a third-party national accreditation system, ensuring that quality standards are upheld in various sectors. This system encompasses accreditation for laboratories (NABL), hospitals (NABH), certification and inspection bodies (NABCB), as well as education and training institutions (NABET). 



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