A new railway line opened in Sri Lanka : Built by Chinese

The Chinese has been assisting many Asian, African and Latin American countries with their investments in infrastructure. Sri Lanka recently opened the Chinese assisted railway line connecting the coastal city of Matara in Hambantota and Beliatta. The aim of the line is to boost passenger traffic into deep south.

Countries including India, US, Japan have been claiming that the Chinese are using their debt trap strategy and are slowly colonising them. The Hambantota port that was used as a trading entrance by the Chinese has now been leased to them for 99 years as the Sri Lankan government failed to repay the debts.

The railway line was financed by the export ”import bank of china. The major part of the railway line was built by the China Railway group employing Chinese. The Sri Lankans had a very little role to play in the construction. The Sri Lankan Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau was involved. However the Sri Lank publics were not the major participants.

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