96 Species of Wetland Birds recorded in Kaziranga

The home of the world’s most one-horned rhinos, Assam’s Kaziranga National Park which is about 220 Km to the east of the capital of Assam, Guwahati has recorded with a total of 19,225 birds from 80 families belonging to 96 species of wetland birds as one of the highest for any wildlife preserve in India as per the second wetland bird count conducted by the Karizanga National Park official along with the Avian specialists on the 9th and 10th January 2020.

Four ranges: Agoratoli, Bagori, Burapahar and Kohora in which the second bird count was conducted, in which Out of the total 96 species, 85 comprising of nearly half of the total birds (9,924) were recorded in the area of Agoratoli Range because of the largest wetland of Kaziranga, Sohola is in this range. Since 1985, Kaziranga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in which conservation efforts are made in focus for the big four species: Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Water Buffalo, and Elephants. The first bird count or the first wetland bird survey was conducted in the wildlife protected area in 2018.


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