Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary

In the lush landscapes of the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam, India, an extraordinary initiative by the Indian army is taking place. The purpose of this unique ecosystem is to foster a peaceful co-existence with the wild elephants that call ..



Assam Elephants Death-Report indicates Lighting

Around eighteen Asian elephants died in Nagaon district of Assam recently. It is a proposed reserve forest. Prior to this, such mass death of elephants occurred in 2001. Around 21 elephants were poisoned to death in 2001 in the adjoining ..


Central Team Report on Odisha Elephant Deaths

In the month of January-February six elephants died at the Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary in Kalahandi. Following that, a central team was set up by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change. The team in its preliminary report highlighted that, ..


World Animal Protection releases ‘ Elephants. Not commodities’ report

International animal welfare organization, World Animal Protection has reported in its new finding the dismal conditions of an elephant at entertainment venues in India and also the alarming elephant tourism trends in the country. It is also expected that these ..


96 Species of Wetland Birds recorded in Kaziranga

The home of the world’s most one-horned rhinos, Assam’s Kaziranga National Park which is about 220 Km to the east of the capital of Assam, Guwahati has recorded with a total of 19,225 birds from 80 families belonging to 96 ..


Asian Elephant Specialist Group meeting in Malaysia

The Asian Elephant Specialist Group’s (AsESG) 10th meeting commenced in Malaysia in December. The AsESG is a group of specialists, elephant conservationists, experts and partner organizations concerned with the conservation of the Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus). It is under the ..