300 crore compensation package to the victims of violence hit Assam : PM

A 300 crore compensation package for the violence hit people of Assam has been announced by the Prime Minister. The package includes Rs 100 crore for relief and rehabilitation in the worst affected districts.

What happened in Kokrajhar?

  • There occurred clash b/w the local Bodo community and the Muslims. The violence erupted when two Muslims leaders were shot dead. After their death Muslims retaliated in rage which led to attacks and counter-attacks making it a large scale riot kind of situation.

What is the cause?

  • Though the exact cause is still unknown, it is known that there has been tension b/w the ethnic Bodo tribe and the Muslims.
  • The Bodo consider the Bengali speaking Muslims as immigrants and therefore oppose their settlement in the region.
  • Illegal’ migration has been a critical problem in North East as it has instilled fear among tribals that they will become a minority in their own state.

Assam has a history of some worst Hindu-Muslims riots and ethnic clashes. In 1983 riots in Neilly, thousands of Muslims were butchered in 1983.


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