2023 Hunger Funding Gap Report

A report titled “2023 Hunger Funding Gap Report: What’s Needed to Stop the Global Hunger Crisis” was released recently by Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organisation. The organization takes action against the causes and effects of hunger. According to this report, countries witnessing the worst hunger crisis received less hunger funding than countries with lower rates of hunger.

What does the report say?

The number of people facing hunger crises has increased to 18 per cent at a rate faster than the funding provided to address this issue. Though the overall funding to address hunger has risen in 2022, the support was spread thinner. The report noted a hunger funding gap of 53%. In 2022, only 3 per cent of hunger programme needs were fully funded. Around 65 per cent of appeals were not fulfilled even to a halfway point.

Key findings of the Report

47% of the global hunger needs are met through UN funds. This leaves the Hunger Funding Gap at 53%. The countries that are facing the worst hunger crisis receive the least amount of funds. Mozambique and Kenya received 32% higher funding than Afghanistan and Haiti. The hunger crisis in the former is less than that of the latter

Countries with Worst Hunger Crisis: Afghanistan, Haiti, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Honduras, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Mozambique, Guatemala

Most of the hunger programmes are dropped halfway

What’s Needed to Stop the Global Hunger Crisis

Donor countries should prioritize their funding to the hunger programmes. More philanthropic foundations should be established. The donor community should balance their funds between those categories that are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance and those that have long-term development needs.

It requires 4 billion USD to stop the hunger crisis in the world. This is approximately equal to the cost of the 2030 Winter Olympics. Wealthy countries should contribute more to reducing hunger levels in the world.



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