Israel Judicial Reform Plans

The Knesset (Parliament of Israel) recently proposed a series of judicial reforms. Israelis believe that the new changes will curb the power of the country’s judicial system to question lawmakers. The reforms empower the Knesset to make judicial appointments at will. Citizens believe that the new changes are limiting the power of the Israeli Judicial System. Thousands are protesting against the reforms in the country.

Current Scenario

Under the current system, the Supreme Court (SC) of Israel has the power to strike down legislation if they are in violation of the basic laws of the country. Basic laws include 13 laws related to individual liberty. So, this power of SC is essential to protect human rights.

Reforms planned

  • Knesset gets full power in making judicial appointments. This includes judges, bar association members, judicial committee people, etc.
  • SC shall not review the laws legislated by the Knesset
  • Knesset gets the power to overrule SC order
  • Proposes to appoint legal advisors from independent authorities and not from SC or other courts
  • Courts shall not hear appeals that are against government decisions

How are judges appointed in Israel?

A judicial selection committee comprising of the justice minister, SC president and other two senior judges of the SC appoint the judges of the SC.




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