World’s fastest, shortest laser pulse created

Scientists from ETH Zurich in Switzerland have successfully created the world’s shortest X-ray laser pulse with duration of just 43 attoseconds (1×10−18 of a second). This laser pulse is the shortest controlled event that has ever been created by humans.


Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is highly coherent, unidirectional beam of perfectly monochromatic light. It has greater energy than normal light. It is used in range of application like sensors, optical communication sources etc.


Using this laser pulse, researchers can now observe in high detail how electrons movement within molecule and fully understand dynamics during chemical reaction. This laser can also help in attosecond spectroscopy, by contributing development of more efficient solar cells by observing the process of excitation through sunlight up to the generation of electricity step by step.
Moreover, a detailed understanding of charge transfer pathway using it can also help in optimizing the efficiency of next generation of photosensitive elements. Using this laser pulse, chemical reactions can also be directly manipulated by altering course of reaction even chemical bonds can be broken by stopping charge shift at certain location in molecule.


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