What is the new peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

On November 10, 2020, Armenia and Azerbaijan signed a peace deal to end the ongoing conflict between the countries. According to the deal, the countries will maintain positions in the areas where they currently hold. This means a significance gain to Azerbaijan.


The peace deal between the countries was brokered by Russia. Armenia and Azerbaijan have been holding, military conflict for six weeks now. The peace deal was signed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashiyan and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

About the deal

  • Azerbaijan has reclaimed over 15-20% of its lost territory in the conflict. According to the new deal, the countries will maintain the current positions they are holding. Therefore, this will benefit Azerbaijan largely.
  • Also, under the agreement, Russian peace keepers are to be deployed. The military operations of the countries are to be suspended. The Russian peace keepers are to be deployed in LAchin corridor and along the line of contact in Nogorno-Karabakh. Around 2,000 Russian peacekeepers are to be deployed.
  • The two sides will exchange prisoners. Also, the refugees and the internally displaced persons are to return to their regions.

The Nogorno-Karabakh Region

The region is internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan. However, most of the region is controlled by Armenian separatists. The region has been part of the territory since the Soviet Era. As the Soviet Union began to collapse, the regional parliament of Armenia voted for the region to transfer to Armenia.

About the conflict

The recent conflict began the countries claimed to have inflicted serious loss on its opponent.

Role of Ethnicity in the conflict

The Azermis claimed that the disputed region has been under their control. On the other hand, the Armenians claim that Karabakh has been a part of the Armenian kingdom. Currently, the disputed region has majority of Christian population. However, Azerbaijan is recognised internationally as a Muslim majority country.


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