What is India H2 Alliance (IH2A)?

The Global energy and industrial majors have joined together to form a new coalition called the India H2 Alliance. The initiative to form the alliance was begun by the Reliance industries and Chart Industries. The India H2 Alliance, IH2A mainly focuses on commercialising hydrogen technologies. It will work towards boosting the hydrogen economy and supply chain in India.

About India H2 Alliance

The IH2 alliance will mainly focus on industrial clusters such as refineries, steel, cement, fertiliser, ports and logistics and heavy-duty transport use cases. It will also create standards for storage and transport of hydrogen in pressurised and liquefied form.

The following are the main objectives of IH2A:

  • To build hydrogen economy and supply chain in India
  • To help develop blue and green hydrogen production and storage
  • To build hydrogen-use industrial clusters
  • To increase hydrogen-powered fuel cells-based transport

What are the major works of India H2 Alliance?

The India H2 Alliance will closely work with the Government of India on the following five areas:

  • To develop National Hydrogen Policy and roadmap 2021-30.
  • To create National H2 Task Force and Mission in a PPP model
  • To identify National Large H2 Demonstration Stage Projects
  • To create a National India H2 Fund
  • To create a good hydrogen linked capacity. This includes production, distribution, storage, industrial use-cases, standards and transport use-cases.

What is Blue Hydrogen?

Blue Hydrogen is produced from the splitting of natural gas into carbon dioxide and hydrogen. This is achieved by Steam Methane Reforming or Auto thermal Reforming.

What is Green Hydrogen?

Green Hydrogen is made from non-fossil sources.


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