What is INAI initiative?

The Telangana Government along with Intel India will launch artificial intelligence research centre in Hyderabad. This was announced during the inaugural session of artificial intelligence 2020 virtual Summit held on October 13, 2020. The research centre is to be launched in collaboration with International Institute of Information Technology and Public Health foundation of India.

The centre has been named INAI.

What is INAI?

INAI is INtel AI. AI is Artificial Intelligence. It is a national level Research Centre. The centre will take initiative to apply artificial intelligence to population scale problems in India. The centre will focus on identifying and solving challenges in smart mobility segment and Healthcare.

The initiative will create National assets such as computing infrastructure curated data sets tools and frameworks to attract Global talent to achieve social sector development. The initiative will bring together multiple Institutions and is anchored by IIIT-Hyderabad.

National strategy for Artificial Intelligence

The national strategy for Artificial Intelligence was created by Niti Aayog.  Under this Niti Aayog identified five core areas that required the application of artificial intelligence. They are Health Care, agriculture, education, smart cities and infrastructure and smart mobility and transportation.

Under Health Care the artificial intelligence based radiomics is an emerging field and the strategy tends to focus on this.

Kamakoti committee

The committee was set up to explore possibilities to leverage artificial intelligence across various fields. The committee recommended to set up digital data banks. It also recommended to set up National artificial intelligence mission. Also the committee wanted the Government of India to make sure there is enough availability of funds for research and development of artificial intelligence.

Challenges in India in the field of artificial intelligence

  • Lack of enabling data ecosystem
  • Inadequate availability of Manpower and artificial intelligence expertise
  • Unclear security and privacy regulations
  • Unattractive intellectual property regime
  • Low intensity of artificial intelligence research


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