Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANTIA) finds high energy particles from ice

The NASA researchers have found high energy particles erupting from ice in the Antarctic region. The researchers believe that these particles are proof to parallel universe.


The ANTIA is high-energy cosmic neutrino that detect radio pulses that are being emitted by Antarctic ice sheet. The neutrinos in the ice produce radio pulses due to Askaryan effect.

The ANTIA instrument detect cosmic-ray neutrinos through a scientific ballon that is flying in the region of Antarctica. It is the first NASA observatory of neutrinos. The researchers have special interest for neutrinos as they are the only particle that reach the earth unattenuated.

Askaryan Effect

It is the phenomenon where a particle travelling at a velocity faster than light in a dense electric medium, produces shower of secondary charged particles. The dense electric medium can be ice, salt of lunar regolith.

ANTIA’s detections

The ANTIA has so far made four major cosmic ray detections. The cosmic rays that are coming from the sky are reflected off the ice. However, two of these detections have proofs that they are generated from the ice below.


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