What is e-FIR system launched by Gujarat Police?

Gujarat Government is all set to offer e-FIR service for the crimes like mobile or two-wheeler theft. Taking a step towards digital governance, the “e-FIR system” was launched in State. The e-governance initiatives and e-FIR system has been launched as a part of “e-GujCop project”. This move is aimed at resolving the mentioned incidents in faster manner.

Citizens can avail the e-FIR system of Gujarat Police by:

  • Filing complaints or e-FIR in online mode.
  • Gujarat police will then contact the complainant within first 48 hours of registering an e-FIR and visit the place of incident.
  • Police will complete the investigation process within 21 days.
  • Following this, a status report will be submitted to the court.
  • Thus, citizens will get freedom from visiting the police station to register FIR for common crimes like theft of mobile or two-wheeler.

The e-FIR system is currently offering 16 Police-related services in online mode. These services include registration of senior citizens, domestic help, tenants, or property registration, Police NOC and missing person report, etc. In order to identify the stolen two-wheeler, police will synchronise the e-FIR system with Gujarat State police CCTV Command and Control Centre. It will flash the number of stolen vehicles on the screens of command control-room, when the stolen vehicle will make movement across the city.

eGujCop Project

The eGujCop Project was launched on September 19, 2013. It is a unique system, integrating IT into working of the Home Department. The project helps in preventing the wrongdoers from committing crimes in society.




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