What is Bahu Balli?

A major feat has been achieved towards India’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative with the installation of the world’s first 200-meter-long Bamboo Crash Barrier, named “Bahu Balli,” on the Vani-Warora Highway in Vidarbha, Maharashtra. It has also been accredited by the Indian Road Congress and provides an eco-friendly alternative to steel barriers with higher recycling value. With this, India becomes the 1st country to develop an environmentally friendly crash barrier.

How was Bahu Balli created?

The bamboo species used to build Bahu Balli is Bambusa Balcoa. The bamboo was treated with creosote oil and coated with recycled High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE). The barrier underwent rigorous testing at various government-run institutions and was rated Class 1 during the Fire Rating Test conducted at the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) in Roorkee.


India is the second largest cultivator of Bamboo in the world. First is China. There are more than 136 bamboo species in India. Using bamboo in the construction of barriers will reduce steel waste and address the concerns of clean and green infrastructure. It is essential that we keep a balance between economic growth and environmental degradation. The Bahu Balli will help in bringing this balance.

Won’t Bahu Balli lead to deforestation?

The Government of India has been promoting the cultivation of Bamboo in the northeast in the name of “Green Gold”. This is being done to make different useful products like that of Bahu Balli. North East has 66% of the bamboo in the country. And GoI is pushing the farmers to grow more. Using the forest resources efficiently will prevent deforestation. The forest should be given enough time to replenish itself.

What are the existing types of Crash barriers?

There are two different types of crash barriers widely used in India. They are W-beam crash barrier and Thrie-beam crash barrier. These crash barriers have steel W-beam rail. The Thrie beam crash barrier is thicker than the W-beam crash barrier. Usually, metals are used to build crash barriers.



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