Week-long celebration of ‘International Museum Day’

On the occasion of International Museum Day (IMD) on 18th May 2022, the Ministry of Culture is organizing week-long celebration across its museums from 16th May – 20th May 2022.

Which museums are undertaking special initiatives to mark week-long celebrations?

The National Museum (New Delhi), National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru), Allahabad Museum (Prayagraj), Indian Museum (Kolkata), Victoria Memorial Hall (Kolkata), Salar Jung Museum (Hyderabad), and Science cities and centers under National Council of Science Museums.

How the week-long celebrations are planned?

There will be free entry for visitors from 16th May – 20th May 2022 to all the museums under the Ministry of Culture. The museum hours are also extended for the convenience of the visitors. Special exhibitions, music, dance performances, and targeted activities for children such as miniature painting, origami workshops, etc have been planned. Limited edition museum merchandise will also be launched as part of the week-long celebrations.

How the Ministry of Culture is promoting the museums?

A Global Summit was organized in February 2022 by the Ministry of Culture. The ministry is also planning to launch a ‘Museums in India’ mobile app and hackathon based on museum-centric problem statements.

What activities are planned for International Museum Day (IMD)?

A webinar ‘Museology as a Profession: Challenges and prospects will be organized by the National Museum Institute.

What is the aim of International Museum Day (IMD)?

To generate awareness regarding the importance of museums in community building, and cultural exchange between countries.



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