Vivek Ramaswamy launches US Presidential bid

Vivek Ramaswamy is an Indian American. He is a republican (Joe Biden and Barack Obama are all from the Democratic Political party) and an anti-environment activist. Anti-environmentalists are those people who believe that environmental regulation is unnecessary. He established a company to ban environmental governance initiatives. He is a biotech investor.

Others Contesting the US Elections 2024

Former President Donald Trump announced his candidacy already. Also, Nikki Hayley, the Governor of South Carolina has announced her candidacy for the US elections in 2024. The Republican party will hold primary elections to choose its nominee. The US constitution does not provide any rule for these elections. Joe Biden, the current President of the US will also run for the 2024 US President Election. He was the Vice President of the country during Obama’s time. In the US, you can contest the presidential elections twice, that is, for two terms.

2024 US President Elections

It is to be held in November. To contest in the US election, the person should have been born in the US, should be a US citizen, and attained the age of 35 years. This is the first election after the 2020 Census. Elections after the census are important because census-based data are used to distribute political power.



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