US: Reconstruction of 3D Ear

Recently, a 20-year-old woman received a 3-D printed ear implant as she was born with a small and misshapen right ear.


  • The 3-D printed ear implant was made from her own cells.
  • This transplant was a part of first clinical trial of successful medical application of this technology and turned as an advance in the field of tissue engineering.
  • The ear was developed by 3DBio, the first company which implant 3D-bioprinted living tissues in humans.

About the 3-D printed ear

The new ear was printed in a shape, precisely matching the left ear of women.  It will continue to regenerate cartilage tissue. Thus, it will give the look and feel of a natural ear. The ear was transplanted in March 2022. Clinical trial of 11 patients is still going on.

Are there chances of failure?

It is possible that this transplant could fail or might bring unanticipated health complications. However, the cells of the ear were originated from patient’s own tissue, it is unlikely to be rejected by body.

Journey of 3DBio

3D Bio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. It is the leader in terms of regenerative medicine using novel 3D-bioprinting. The company delivers safe, functional and personalized living tissues and organs using material technologies. Daniel Cohen is the CEO and Co-founder of 3DBio Therapeutics. Before this, he was Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company in New York. He was focused on manufacturing, healthcare, industrials, and 3D printing.

What is 3D bioprinting?

3D Bioprinting is the technology or method to print biomedical structures by using viable cells, biomaterials and biological molecules. Simply, it is the deposition of biological material in layer-by-layer fashion, in a bid to create 3D structures like tissues and organs.



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