World Bank Loan to West Bengal

The World Bank recently approved a loan of thousand crores of rupees for the West Bengal government. The loan amount is to be used in implementing 400 programmes run by the state government.


The loan is to be used to help the vulnerable and poor groups of the society. The loan is to be used in the following:

  • To promote digital payments and increase financial inclusion
  • Disbursement of funds in government schemes
  • Support the disabled people
  • To provide medical help through telemedicine

Loan to be used in social protection operation

The State Government is to use the loan amount in the “West Bengal Building State Capability for Inclusive Social Protection” operation. The operation aims to support the poor, serve the vulnerable, and expand the coverage.

Boost Duare Sarkar

The financial assistance will help to boost the Duare Sarkar programme. The Duare Sarkar programme was launched by the West Bengal government to deliver the government services and food grains at the door steps. The beneficiaries need not approach the government under this social protection scheme. The programme identifies the beneficiaries.

Need for the loan

The State Government of West Bengal has been facing heavy financial burdens lately. It is implementing more than 400 welfare programmes. There is shortage of funding for the recently launched social protection programmes. This includes the pension programmes as well.

Loan will benefit Joy Bangla

The “Joy Bangla” is an umbrella platform of the West Bengal Government. It is a unified delivery system of the government. It provides jobs, social assistance and focuses on scheduled caste, tribals, vulnerable like women, disaster prone coastal region. This platform is now partially operating due to funding shortages.



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