While keeping Qutub Minar in focus, discuss trails of Hindu architecture into the monuments built by the early Sultans of Delhi?

The early mosques were constructed by making necessary changes in Hindu temples. The gate of a temple was generally towards east and the Muslims started Namaz facing towards the west because Mecca was in the west of India. Withthis aim they removed the image in the templeand built an arch to enable them to start Namaz facing towards west. The courtyards of temples were quite spacious and when necessary the verandahs and rooms which obstructed were demolished to make more room in the courtyard.
The mosque known as the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpora was built in the same way at Ajmer by Qutb-ud-din. This mosque was beautified by Iltutmish with a screen which still exists.
The Qutub Minar was constructed from material collected from Hindu buildings and temples. For its decoration the Hindu craftsmen were hired and they used the same style of inlaying which they had been using in building temples. The floral designs, bells and chains were made to decorate the minar. They also represent the Hindu style of architecture.


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