The term �Indo-Pacific� has incited mixed response in the strategic community of India. Do you think that the coining of the term was a US strategy to redefine the geo-politics of the region. Comment.

The Indo-Pacific is basically a region between two different oceans-namely the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean lying between American West coast and the Eastern Coast of Africa. The region is considered by many international experts as a highly economically rich and strategically rich region. The term gained widespread coverage in 2017 when it was first used by Secretary of State of US Rex Tillerson. It was regarded as a deliberate attempt by US to please India. Tillerson had said that the Indian trade was of more importance to US.
The term was later widely used by President Trump in place of Asia-Pacific. The move was seen by strategists from India, China, Japan and Australia as a deliberate move to undermine the growing clout of China over the region.
It also put India in the centre of the US strategy in the region and granting it a larger role in the region. Many strategists in the region have shown concerns that the growing proximity between India and US will irk Delhi�s tensions with Beijing.


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