The situation which is developing in the Gulf between US and Iran can be referred to as the Game of Chicken. Comment.

Game of Chicken is usually referred to a situation when two world countries are heading towards each other for gaining leverage. This is also known as the concept of game theory. The strategy behind the Game of Chicken is the fact that every player feels the other will slow down and hence become the chicken. This may not avoid a crash but the player which stays put gets an obvious advantage over the other. But, the risk is that if none of the player backs off then the crash becomes unavoidable.
The US-Iran tensions in the Gulf are a clear example of the Game of Chicken. US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, re-imposing of the sanctions by US on Iran, labelled a group of Iranian Defence forces as a terrorist outfit. All this was done to implement the �maximum pressure� approach by US. But the Iranian threat to breach the nuclear deal and even increasing the anti-US rhetoric shows that the two countries are heading for a direct crash as non of them are unrelenting.


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