Explain in detail the provisions of the Article 370 and Article 371A.

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution is a temporary provision which�grants special autonomous status to Jammu & Kashmir. Article 371 related to the special provisions given to the state of Nagaland.
Provisions under Article 370

  • All the provisions of the Constitution which are applicable to other states are not applicable to J&K
  • Except for defence, foreign affairs, finance and communications, Parliament needs the state government�s concurrence for applying all other laws
  • Indian citizens from other states cannot purchase land or property in Jammu & Kashmir
  • The�Centre has no power to declare financial emergency under Article 360 in the state.
  • The Union government cannot declare emergency on grounds of internal disturbance or imminent danger unless it is made at the request or with the concurrence of the state government

Provisions under Article 371 A
Act of parliament relating to the matters of Religious & social practices, customary law & procedure, would not apply to Nagaland unless state assembly so decides. Matters related to Administration of civil or criminal justice and ownership & transfer of land & its resources are also solved after state assembly�s decisions. The Governor of Nagaland shall have special responsibility with respect to law and order in the State of Nagaland.


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